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The Report of the week: Cells for youth
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Przedmiot: Angielski
dodano: 2002-10-02
autor: Mumin

Nokia 8310 For most of them having a phone, means
being in touch with parents, or friends.

Let's have a look at details.

80% of asked members have bought a prepaid cell - just to be in touch with their parents, the rest have to pay a licence fee every month (through their parents), and only very few still don't have a mobile phone.

Young people are adapting very easily to the new technique - besides talking with their family or friends, they are sending enormous amounts of smses - this is the main profit for mobile companies.

Average person talks about 5minutes per week, it means he or she will send minimum 15 smses a week too.
20% of asked have spent more than 10minutes on the phone during the week, nut 10% use cells only for answering calls or writing smses - of course because its cheaper.

About half of the group use Nokia phones - they want to have a brand-name phone, but brand not always means quality, other members had bought different brands cause of their own inclination, or just costs connected with it.

However, everyone said that having a wireless phone is very useful, 70% of asked declared that now they can't live without it - this is a good sign for companies. Telephone can be even used to receive notifications about new e-mails or something like that. There will be more and more phones, but young people need some new extras included in this phones, games, radios, etc.

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